Veterans First

We need your help

Veterans First has made the decision to stop receiving government funding effective August 2016. We are all about helping veterans, whether they are homeless, at-risk or just need some form of assistance. The limits placed on an agency receiving funds from the government are too restrictive. As an example; we had a husband and wife with 3 children living in our housing program. The husband became abusive to the children and was sent to prison. We were forced to move the mother and children out within 30 days as there was not a veteran living with them. This was ridiculous and we spent non- government money on a motel for several months until we could find them shelter with another agency. If the regulations were not so constricting we could have left them in our program until we were able to move them.

This is just one small example of why we made the decision. After 45 years of providing services we actually know what veterans need to succeed. Unfortunately, the government agencies that make the rules and supervise non-profits are run by bureaucrats that move from one government agency to another without any idea of what we do as non-profits and especially with veterans. They only know how to read regulations but the humanity part is not there. If the government was doing their job and taking care of veterans, agencies such as Veterans First wouldn’t have to exist except to be here for veterans to spend time together enjoying themselves.

Please help us in continuing our legacy of service to those who have risked it all and been forgotten or fallen on difficult times. Any amount you are able to give will go directly toward ensuring that Orange County's veterans continue to have an opportunity for a hand up, a shoulder to lean on and a place stay.

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